Sigen (sigil generator) — a tool for creating magicк sigils.

Sigils are magicк spells designed and activated to achieve a specific, fairly clear and often limited end. This is usually a graphic representation of the will of the magician.

How to create a sigil with Sigen?

First, formulate what you want to achieve. Try to use present tense and avoid negative.

Example: "I am a great specialist" or "This job offer is mine".

Enter your will into the Sigen and click "Draw". Your sigil is done! If the sigil is not resonating with you, try clicking "Variation" button. This will redraw your sigil using the same letter sequence.

Save the image in preferrable format to your device or simply draw the sigil on the sheet of paper.

Sigil activation

To start working, the sigil needs to be activated. It can be done using various methods.

Here are some of them:

  1. Gnosis — a semi-meditative state in which the mind is completely blank. You can achieve gnosis either actively or passively. Singing or dancing are active ways. Deep body relaxation and focusing at one point are passive ways. Visualize your sigil pulsing with energy while in gnosis.
  2. Visualize your sigil while having sex and during orgasm.
  3. Visualize your sigil during a hard workout.
  4. Visualize the sigil while having extreme emotions (cry, laughter, anger).
  5. Carve the sigil into a candle and light the candle.
  6. Put the sigil under your pillow and sleep on it.

Actually, any interaction could charge your sigil. Be creative and try to invent your own methods.

Destroy and forget

Burn the sigil with fire, permanently delete from computer, bury it undergroud or choose different method. After that forget what it was all about.

This may sound simple, but might be more difficult than you expect.

Let the Chaos Magick do it's work!


Part I (sigils) of Marik's insightful essay

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